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Before You Leave

For College, Career, and Eternity

Questions We Rarely Talk About—But All Ask

Exploring five big questions, Todd draws on historical research, trusted teachers, and the Bible to help us think through the answers—and how those answers should be shaping our lives.

Whether you are headed to college, starting your first job, or just reflecting on life, Before You Leave was written to help you understand and discuss challenging and essential questions of faith.

Dr. Todd von Helms has nearly two decades of insight gained through working with teenagers, college students, and clergy as an ordained minister, college professor, church consultant, research assistant, interviewer, chaplain and headmaster. He has degrees from the University of Texas, Dallas Baptist University, Southwestern Seminary, Southern Seminary, Duke University and Southern Methodist University. Today, Todd is a Senior Fellow at The King’s College in New York City, Presidential Scholar of Christianity and Culture at Dallas Baptist University, and a Senior Fellow for the Center for Faith and Culture at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.

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The Questions
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The Bible is the best selling book in the world year after year. It remains the most referenced and criticized book as well. If the Bible is inspired by Almighty God, why have most Christians never read it cover to cover, or made it part of their daily lives? This chapter looks at the nature of the Bible, particularly when and how it was formed, the most common objections, and why it remains so influential.

Atheists are not unreasonable, they are just arguing from a different starting point. Fundamentally, everyone believes in something when it comes to religion. Atheists believe there is no god. This chapter explores reasons why some people do not believe in God.

Because most people are interested in the supernatural, this chapter explores the spiritual realm, particularly angels, demons, the difference between bad and evil, and the differences between Hollywood and biblical portrayals of the devil. The Bible describes Satan as both a roaring lion and an angel of light. Which label is correct? If such a creature really exists, how might this affect one’s approach to daily life?

Like the devil, the concept of hell has been shaped more by the arts and entertainment industry than what the Bible and tradition have taught. If hell is a real place where a person can spend eternity, this topic also must be taken seriously.

Recent national surveys revealed that the majority of people pray, including some atheists. This chapter explores the nature of prayer, including why and how people pray, and what impact prayer can have on one’s life and future.


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